For a trip, it doesn't just mean preparing what items to take with you. You also need to prepare your mind for the trip. Traveling is not a job; it's a pastime, so we try not to get caught up in a strict schedule. This way, you will feel as though you are a single speckle of dust in the vast, wide steppe plains, and you will find serenity within yourself. Through learning about the one-off lifestyle of modern nomads and an in-depth view of their day-to-day lives, when you travel with us, you will create unforgettable adventures and treasured memories. Conversing with nomadic people and making connections can be done with ease with the help of our guides. During the trip, you will have plenty of opportunities to ride horses and camels, on top of hiking and trekking. And you won't ever regret your decision to visit Mongolia as you sit and sip your favorite hot tea or drink while gazing at the night sky full of millions of stars and the Milky Way.


Our travel expenses do not include international flights and train transportation. The local and international routes operated by the Mongolian airline MIAT are displayed here. In the upcoming years, MIAT will operate a flight from Ulaanbaatar to the United States. MIAT allows you to take 23 kg of luggage and 10 kg of hand luggage on all its flights. Each load of luggage should not exceed 30 kg. You must pay for the excess weight of the luggage per kilogram over the threshold. In some exceptional cases, MIAT flights allow you to carry 30-46 kg of luggage. For more information on your flights, consult us beforehand and do as much research as possible.

Before you can claim your luggage, you will have to fill out a declaration form. After a passport check, you’ll be able to claim your baggage from the conveyor. Extra-large and special-care luggage will be issued separately.

Border Customs: 
Mongolian border control is similar to that of Europe. You are allowed to carry 200 grams of cigarettes, 200 pieces of cigarettes, 1 liter of alcoholic beverages, and 2 liters of wine free of charge, and you can buy these goods in Mongolia relatively cheaply compared to American and European countries. It is forbidden to carry the following items in your luggage: antiques, religious artifacts, fur and leather of wild animals such as snow leopards and wolves, as well as skins of endangered animals, and all other items under the protection of the state, are not allowed to cross the border.

Time zone:
The difference between the US and Mongolian time zones is 11 hours. You should adjust your clock according to the time zone differences. Depending on your language of choice, our specialized guide will pick you up as soon as you arrive in Ulaanbaatar. If you see a sign with the name "Go2Mongolia" attached to it, that is us, and welcome to Mongolia!

Depending on the language of your choice, we provide guides specializing in English, Korean, Chinese, and German. From the moment you arrive in Mongolia, our guides and translators will provide you with all the necessary information and intel till the end of your stay in Mongolia and will act as a connecting bridge between you and the country of Mongolia. Our guides are experienced tour guides who are fluent in English, Korean, Chinese, and German.

Hotels and Accommodations:
You will be accommodated in a mid-tier or 3-star hotel in Ulaanbaatar. The standard quality of hotels is not comparable to that of American and European hotels. Each room has its own bathroom, TV, and Wi-Fi/internet connection. The ger camps you’ll stay in are simple accommodations furnished with 2-4 beds with fresh and clean bedsheets, 2 chairs with a small table, and, in most cases, hand and body towels. The camps have publicly shared toilets and showers. In some of our trips, we stay over at a herder’s family, in which case we also provide you with a separate simple ger with 2-4 beds. Staying at a ger offered by a herder household allows you to experience their nomadic lifestyle up close and in person. In some cases, there is a possibility of 2-4 people being assigned to a single ger, depending on the extra gers the herder has. As for restrooms, you will have the simplest outhouses in the wilderness.

Theft is one of the most common problems every tourist in the world faces, and it is present in Mongolia. In crowded public places, you should be wary of your personal belongings. If you go to the black market (the term "black market" refers to a market in Mongolia where everything is sold legally, but mostly at cheaper and more affordable prices), it is recommended that you leave your important personal documents, jewelry, and valuables in your hotel’s safe box. Keep your wallet close to your body and hidden from plain sight so as to not attract unwanted attention.

Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not require any special vaccinations. Tourists are recommended to have vaccinations against the A and B hepatitis viruses, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, polio, swine flu, measles, FSME, typhoid, and rabies. For more information, please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs./

Health care:
Healthcare in Mongolia is not comparable to the quality of healthcare provided in the United States and Europe. Although there are several good hospitals in Ulaanbaatar, that is not the case in rural areas. However, if any health issues arise while traveling in the countryside, our team (driver and guide) will contact the head office in Ulaanbaatar and take immediate action and necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of our clients. We advise you to bring the medications that you use regularly.

Insurance is not included in the trip cost. Therefore, to protect yourself from possible risk and harm, it is advised that you buy travel services and packages with travel insurance that are eligible abroad prior to the trip. These services and packages should include vehicle accident insurance, health insurance, return expense, luggage insurance, insurance for the possible risks when riding horses, and insurance that helps with trip cancellation.

The currency of Mongolia is called "tugrug". You will have no problems exchanging your country's currency for Tugrug. At the end of the trip, you can exchange the unspent tugrug. Master and Visa cards can be used at any bank in Ulaanbaatar or at big shopping malls and stores. However, your card may have a foreign spending limit, so please check with your bank before you leave. Banks do not accept EC cards. Please do note that in rural areas, credit or bank cards are not commonly used, so having cash is a must. You need to exchange the money you need for the trip while you are in Ulaanbaatar. Of course, the amount of money to exchange will depend on your needs and your personal expenditures. Banks in Mongolia do not accept checks.

Mongolia uses 220 V 50-volt electricity. In rural ger camps, electricity is usually available in the evening, so you can charge your phone, digital camera, and other electronics. The electric outlets are the standard European 2-pin connectors.

The culture of tipping is typical in Mongolia and is greatly appreciated. You can tip 10% of the total bill at restaurants. Hotel room services and luggage boys are the ones who appreciate your tips the most because the average salary in Mongolia is not very high. After an excellent trip, it is already a common tradition to tip the driver, guide, or other tour team members for the adequate service they’ve provided. In our experience, each tourist tips 50 to 100 dollars or euros.

Mongolians are very hospitable people. When they host any visitor, they have great hospitality and are a bit intrigued. If you come with a small gift, the Herder family would love it. In a herder's family, people of various age groups live together, so be mindful when choosing gifts. The gifts you bring don't have to be expensive or grandiose, and you don't have to prepare them individually. It is best to prepare a gift that is suitable for all members of the family. We will provide you with a list of gifts that we think are common necessities. The gifts can include product testers of facial and body skin care products; perfume; hand soap and shampoo; and for children, school supplies; crayons; sketchbooks; glue; etc. Other types of gifts may include small knives, flashlights, lighters, tobacco, kitchen towels, vitamins and minerals, a torch, anti-diarrheal drugs, antipyretics, anti-allergy drugs, common cold medicine, children's clothing—stockings, underwear, thick shirts, gloves, and hats—toys that do not necessarily have to be new but also not too old; candy, gum, face towels, sewing tools, and so on.

Mobile network coverage is widespread and is in almost every province you visit, and you should have no problems with service or connection. There are also internet cafes in the larger settlements. In Ulaanbaatar, you can connect to the Internet anywhere. We are in constant close contact with our guides and drivers during the whole duration of the trip.

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