Placing an order

You can place an order using any of our company’s social media outlets (e-mails, web pages). Please carefully read the travel contract thoroughly, as it will be signed off simultaneously with your order. Once you make the initial payment (please see Section 3), we will send you the travel confirmation and the official papers. When a group is led by a leader, it is their duty and responsibility to have already reviewed and read through the contracts.

2. Service, time, and payment

In some circumstances, arrival and departure dates may change by one to three days for international flights depending on train or flight ticket availability and other reasons. We will keep you updated on all the different changes and modifications. The client has the right to make a complaint about only the services included in the travel program they have selected. With the exception of special-request trips, selected semi-service or full-service tours begin with a lunch or a dinner and finish with a breakfast at the end of the tour. Fees for services other than basic travel costs, such as visa application fees and international flight and train ticket prices, may vary and change. In such cases, except for the initial trip fee, all other fees are to be void, and transport and visa application charges will be readjusted accordingly. The initial cost for travel services will remain fixed, and no change is possible once both parties have agreed to a deal. Everything is calculated and scheduled ahead of time for the trip. Travel routes and activities may change due to weather and/or flight delays. In such cases, we will provide you with the services offered in full, but there will be adjustments to the overall schedule (for example, arranging local flights at the end of the trip rather than at the beginning).

3. Payment

Validation of your trip is done after you have transferred 30% of the total cost of the program to the designated bank accounts within 14 days or 2 working weeks of your order. As for the remaining payment, it should be transferred to our designated bank accounts within 31 days prior to the start of the trip. Trip details and information will be sent to you after you’ve paid the full cost of the program.

4. Cancellation or change of a trip

Customers can cancel a trip at any time by making a formal written request through our website. The cancellation procedures are as follows: If you make the request more than 31 days prior to the start of the trip, you’ll be refunded without much charge from your initial payment; (Important Note: International flights, train tickets, and bank transaction fees are not applicable.) 30% of the total price will be deducted if the customer cancels 15–30 days prior to the trip; 50% if canceled 7–14 days prior; 100% if canceled 0–6 days prior to the trip; or in the event of absence.

For deduction purposes, the number of days will be counted from the date of written notice of cancellation through our e-mail/social contacts. If a customer cancels during the trip for his/her own reasons, he/she will cover all subsequent expenses. In this case, he/she is unable to make refund requests after the cancellation of the trip. Trip changes can take effect only upon cancellation of the current trip contract and after calculating the amounts to be deducted and refunded (please see Section 4), and by starting a new contract or plan.

5. Contract termination by the tour operator

A failure to pay the specified amount within the given time frame will result in the termination of the arranged travel contract (please see Section 3), i.e. if the contracting party fails in its duty to make the payments on time (please see Section 4), by contraction you are obliged to compensate for losses caused by canceling the trip, in accordance with the cancellation procedures as set out in Section 4. The contract will be terminated with full payment refunded if it becomes impossible for a trip to take place due to difficulties in organizing it owing to circumstances including war, strike or unrest throughout the country, or compliance with a government order and force majeure. (This does not include international flights, train tickets, and bank transaction fees.) The contract will also be terminated if there is an insufficient number of travelers to participate in the trip. Upon no response being received 31 days prior to the trip start date, the contract will be automatically terminated.

6. Liability

"Contractual responsibility" refers to the principle of a fair and ethical code of conduct in all activities involving tour arrangements as mutually agreed, payments specified in the contract, and the process of organizing the tour in each of the relevant regions.

7. Provisions concerning external liabilities

Our company will not be responsible for the quality of the following: international and domestic flights; international and local train services; entertainment establishments; cultural events; sightseeing; etc. We will not be held accountable for the quality of services provided by third parties and any consequences thereof. We will not take responsibility for any risk caused by delays to international or domestic flights, trains, or vehicles, as well as any loss resulting from delayed or lost luggage. In addition, we will bear no liability for any issues ranging from theft, robbery, possible accidents during horse or camel rides, or visa matters.

8. Duty to cooperate

Participants in a tour should reasonably acknowledge the possibility of any difficulty or obstacle occurring during the trip and be patient, tolerant, and cooperative about overcoming them in the event they arise. Such issues must be immediately called in. Accurate information must be provided in regard to any such difficulty or obstacle, in contemplation of the duty to take appropriate action. If the client or other members of the tour group fail to comply with this duty, they will have no right to make any claims or complaints about the difficulty or the obstacles. Clients are not entitled to make any claims against local workers.

9. Making a claim and limitation period

Where a client terminates the contract on the grounds of contractual liability, withdraws from the trip for any personal reasons, or claims damages or a refund, he/she has the right to make a complaint within one (1) month from the last day of the trip. As to other provisions, the limitation period will be one (1) year. The limitation period will expire one (1) year after the last day of the trip.

10. Dispute resolution

Any matters of dispute will be resolved only by the court of Ulaanbaatar in accordance with Mongolian law and jurisdiction.

11. Differences in quality

It is impractical to expect the same standard of quality from Mongolian hotels, guesthouses, and ger camps as that of their European and American equivalent counterparts. In general, local hard-paved roads and improved dirt roads are more damaged and worn out than in developed countries.

12. Insurance

Insurance is not included in the trip cost. Therefore, to protect yourself from possible risk and harm, it is advised that you buy travel services and packages with travel insurance that is eligible abroad prior to the trip. These services and packages should include vehicle accident insurance; health insurance; return expense and luggage insurance; insurance for the possible risks when riding horses; and insurance that helps with trip cancellation due to a force majeure event.

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