Mongolia trip with Ugii Lake

A trip for everyone who wants to experience a lot despite having little time:



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Modern metropolis: the capital Ulaanbaatar
Experience the last remaining wild horses (Takhi) in their natural environment: Khustai National Park.
- Fantastic landscape and bird paradise: Lake Ugii
- Buddhist monks in action: Erdene Zuu Monastery
- Kharkhorin (Karakorum), the former capital of Chinggis Khan:
- a desert touch: sand dunes at Elsen Tasarkhai, camel rides, or horseback riding
- as a guest of a nomadic family, for a milk tea
A one-of-a-kind getaway you will never forget!

Ulaanbaatar - Khustai National Park- Ugii Lake - Erdene Zuu Monastery - Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dune - Ulaanbaatar.

Tag 1. Ulaanbaatar
Tag 2. Khustai national park/ wild horses
Tag 3. Ugii lake
Tag 4. Kharkhorin/Erdene Zuu Monastery
Tag 5. Elsen Tasarkhai, or "Little Gobi Desert"
Tag 6.  Ulaanbaatar



Day 1. Ulaanbaatar 
The international flight to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, determines the departure date. Arrive at Ulaanbaatar's Chinggis Khaan Airport. Our tour guide will meet you at the airport. Check into your hotel. There is a short city trip in the afternoon. Accommodation: 3-star hotel with complimentary breakfast

Day 2. Khustai National Park/Przewalski Horse 
After breakfast, we head to Khustai National Park to witness the takhi, also known as the „Przewalski horse". These are the only wild horses that exist today. In 1992, the species were returned to Mongolia from foreign zoos and reserves within Khustai National Park, which is located 92 kilometers west of Ulaanbaatar. In 1881, a Russian officer spotted the last wild horses in Mongolia. Przewalski horses were named after their discoverer. Khustain Nuruu contains lush greenery, springs, birch forests, and cliffs that are home to a variety of wild animals, including 46 mammal species and 172 bird species. Accommodation: tourist gercamp. Meals: B, L, and D.

Day 3. Lake Ugii 
We continue on to Lake Ugii. Lake Ugii, located 1337 meters above sea level in Arkhangai Province, is both beautiful and fascinating. The lake has a total area of 25 square kilometers, is a little over seven kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide, and has a maximum depth of 15 meters. It is a popular resting spot for migratory birds and bird enthusiasts. The freshly built observation platform by the lake allows you to see the birds. Lake Ugii is also well-known for its fish abundance. It is ideal for bird viewing, photography, fishing, swimming, or simply relaxing. Accommodation: tourist gercamp. Meals: B, L, and D.

Day 4. Karakorum/Monasty Erdene Zuu 
We're off to Karakorum today. In Kharkhorin Soum, there is a lovely little museum that displays everything that has been discovered historically from the many periods of Mongolian history, from the Stone Age to the Mongolian Empire. Karakorum, the capital of the Mongolian Empire in the 13th century, was built on the remains of the former capital of King Ugudei, son of the famous Chinggis Khaan. The city was conveniently placed at a junction of historic routes, serving as a staging area for migratory nomads and commercial caravans. Foreign envoys and notable clergy traveled to this city to meet with the Mongol Empire's king. Manchu armies devastated Kharkhorin twice following the Khubilai Khaan, Grandson. Accommodation: tourist gercamp. Meals: B, L, and D.

Day 5. Sand Dunes, Elsen Tasarkhai
Elsen Tasarkhai, also known as the "Little Gobi Desert", is a unique belt of sand dunes in the steppes of central Mongolia. We arrive around lunchtime, settle in a neighboring gercamp, and then head off to explore the surrounding area. It's breathtaking to observe Bactrian camels roaming the sandy dunes as horses graze on the neighboring lush steppe. We have the option of riding a Bactrian camel or horse. Accommodation: tourist gercamp. Meals: B, L, and D.

Day 6. Ulaanbaatar 
We drive to Ulaanbaatar after breakfast. The distance between Elsen Tasarkhai and Ulaanbaatar is only 280 kilometers. We'll arrive in Ulaanbaatar late in the afternoon and have plenty of time to see the capital. We go to a folklore show in the evening, which includes traditional musical instruments, music, dancing, contortionists, and famous throat singing. Accommodation: 3-star hotel with complimentary breakfast

Day 7.
Depart Mongolia through Chingis Khaan International Airport or a train station.


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